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China's preform technology content is beginning to take a new energy-saving growth path

Mold nozzle nozzle melt temperature or preform area is too hot, resulting in deep white trance. Screw working length section: see Figure 1, feeding section l1, compression section l2, homogenization section lx c screw plastic back pressure. The growth of intelligent manufacturing, including intelligent design, intelligent production, intelligent RBI and other aspects of the go hand in hand, intelligent products should also be a rare part of it. Fruit juice factory main agent mix business is also quietly follow up. Parison mold cooling water temperature as low as 10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, to quickly cool the parison. China has not yet developed a helicopter water-based paint, and one of the development of water-based paint is the development of water-based curing agent, is to collect high-performance water-based curing agent development, making the paint with high weather resistance, across the US military Standard and national military standard solvent-based oxygen-based resin primer performance requirements, and can have a 6-hour period of cooperation.

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