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PET preforms can be seen everywhere

In recent years, more and more rapid socio-economic development, PET preform in the application of life more and more, as in this hot summer, people drink what black tea, Sprite or Coke and other beverages, but you drink Drink at the same time have not thought of this beverage bottle is where, is how to produce these kinds of bottles. Today to give you explain the origin of these bottles, these beverage bottles can not be separated from the plastic preform, preform is injection molding products, is the intermediate, beverage bottles are blown processed products, and like mineral water bottles And black tea bottle material is mainly made with PET, this material produced by the product texture hard, good toughness, high strength, the surface bright, environmentally friendly non-toxic, can let everyone peace of mind to use. Jia Cheng is a professional production of plastic preform manufacturers, the production of the series of plastic preform is very durable, anti-stretch, long life, welcome to come to buy.

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