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Because the shape of the core material is simple, it is mainly used as a whole type of core, as shown in Fig. Reduce the nozzle temperature, pressure pressure; increase the loose stroke; check the cooling channel is blocking the internal gate deformation caused by heat shortening in the bottom of the embryo is the raw material is depressed, causing the gate area wall thickness thinning , Especially at the bottom of the gate point. 5 turn on the computer, the total power of the electrical cabinet, the electrical cabinet of the shunt power. With the advantages of mobile Internet, change the traditional line under the sale of the model, the industry to sell a new marketing and marketing channels, the growth of the industry will have a major significance. Repeated more than 2 to 3 times; Every year, "March 8" Women's Day, she personally gave women workers red envelopes, inspired to encourage the master to do a good job, to help care good home. The Li Jing: do the health of the people of peace of mind, the newspaper Zhang Qingguo said from a white angel decided to switch to the sale of grain and oil, is "because of love", that ten years to make the enterprise set of oil storage, filling processing , "Grain and oil business in Hebei Province," the products are exported to Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Shanxi, Yunnan, Sichuan, and so on. More than 10 provinces and cities, Hebei Ding Kang Grain and Oil Co., Ltd. General Manager Li Jing is with extraordinary business intelligence and tough dedication of the interpretation of the "sonorous rose."

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