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Preforms work before the preparatory work

Elongated or pull-out gates The elongated gates show a white crystal or the center of the hollow defect type and the solution is recommended in the gate area of excessive heating, so that the gate cut point sticks the valve needle or cavity pouring Mouth, leading to open when the mold is stretched. But need to block the nitrogen cylinder valve and pressure reducing valve, and reflect the kettle nitrogen inlet valve. Through the above description of our injection .... Terephthalic acid at room temperature is difficult to dissolve in water, do not dissolve in chloroform, ether and other general organic solvents, only soluble in pyridine, dimethyl formamide and methyl sulfoxide and several other extraordinary solvent. Increase the amount of injection, reduce a paragraph of the conversion position, increase the injection, packing time, packing pressure. And because there is no domestic production of this product, looking for large-scale production of domestic production of raw materials and production process has become the key address.

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