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Progress and Analysis of Future Market Prospect of Preform Enterprise

Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate), an injection molding process for the production of preforms for the use of pet bottles for food packaging. Company chairman Bin Benzhi told reporters that the company's robot products in the world are first-class level. Extended blow molding method: This system is the first injection machine to eject the preform, and then cooled after the embryo to stretch blow molding machine heating, and in the hollow mold to extend the blow molding.

Because the shape of the core material is simple, it is mainly used as a whole type of core, as shown in Fig. Can be used in small-scale molding machine, the runner system does not occur anti-disseminated, reduced by the volume of the runner, the size of the projectile can be smaller, than the three mold mold opening stroke is short. In order to reduce the friction between the push plate and the core, there is a gap of 0.20 to 0.25 mm between the push plate and the core, and the tapered surface is used in conjunction with the tapered surface. Can play a secondary set as the dip, but also to prevent the push plate due to partial pain and flash. Previously, this adjustment is generally done by manual operation.

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