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The new preform is high speed and energy saving

In the first auxiliary room of the autonomous area, the installation of air compressor and Husky preform injection molding machine. In this regard, the domestic has more mature technology, domestic extruder in the plastic products, extrusion invariance, high yield and high efficiency has been a significant forward; another sector is a multi-layer co-extruded Internal composite head, it is multi-layer co-extruded hollow forming the key components, but also the focus of technology. The Uhmw-pe low friction coefficient and wear. The melt flows back through the gate because too much of the melt is reduced. China's goods are still the first use of glass packaging, polyester bottle application is still in its infancy. Cooling time is too long, parts in the mold on the shortening of the amount of large. Foreign has been successfully applied in recent years, domestic demand for this inexhaustible rise. The size of the production of this factory than the previous unannounced visits to the scrambling factory to large, but the equipment and processes much the same) "/> small different, the same rusty mixer, the same sewage pool. Kettle. Note pull blown hollow plastic molding machine is the host and the mold of the two devices, from the host and die both on the machine's main, the host only 40% of the machine, and mold to account for the whole machine Of 60%.

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