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When purchasing preforms, beware of product quality

Mainly in accordance with the company's polyethylene terephthalate pet preform quality characteristics identified. Research and development, design and manufacture of high-performance aluminum products and materials, selling the products produced by the company, and supply the relevant post-sale processing and processing chip components, optoelectronic devices and other new electronic Components, selling production for products. Defect type and solution recommendations  ★ solution: (for craftsmen reference)  a reduce the injection pressure, speed, increase the injection position. At present, the container of this material has been relatively less used for packaging food. 3 shut down. The S id e l claimed that the application of this process, each cavity can produce 60-8000 bottles per hour, the degree of crystallinity of 45%, transparency is not affected. Heat-resistant function, physical and mechanical function to batch as a unit, in each batch immediately selected 100 to hone. Defects and Resolutions Recommendations ● The product has bubbles at the moment where the bubbles on the side of the veneer and the hollow are formed by the injection of air and gas.

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