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Acrylic Jar Aesthetic Guarantee

acrylic jar Aesthetic guarantee

Acrylic jar because of the excellent performance in the use of food storage on the safety, by the user's approval, its production environment in the requirements of the manufacturers need to do what?

Dry up

Tinplate in the material although the corrosion resistance is relatively strong, but still may be corrosive, so manufacturers in the production of acrylic cans, the need to ensure the production environment of the dry, pay attention to the preparation of ventilation equipment to reduce the production process Of water vapor, to ensure that dry.

2. non-toxic

Bottle with the use of the bottle is mainly to isolate the interference of the outside world, for the production of acrylic tanks in the production environment, the need to pay attention to the preparation of disinfection, requiring attention to disinfection in the production environment, pay attention to the use of drinking water to clean up and ensure clean.

3. protection

Acrylic cans in the production process, in order to avoid the operator of its pollution, the need for the operator to pay attention to the preparation of the protection, the environment need to pay attention to the customization of the protection rules, especially the size of the accessories in the relatively small size Once the dirty, it is difficult to remove, the need for the operator to do the whole body protection.

In summary, the acrylic pot in the production environment, with these requirements, to ensure the safety of the production, to reduce the production of dirty, affecting the use.

The bottle in the function of the storage of liquid medium or the role of drugs, in order to ensure the excellent storage effect, will be used with the bottle, which is the largest use of acrylic bottles, its promotion in the market is not without reason.

1. Excellent sealing

Acrylic cans have been promoted, and its guarantee in the seal is inseparable, and its excellent in the material, let it in use, with the plastic situation is more, even if the impact, high temperature, are maintained the original Look like, in the seal on the recognition.

2. Aesthetic guarantee

In order to ensure the need for publicity, more and more bottles will be printed on the pattern, to ensure aesthetics, acrylic pot is also the case, because of its smooth surface, can adapt to different patterns in the surface drawing, which is Plastic bottles can not compare.

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