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PET JAR Finish

PET JAR finish

Plastic containers

Due to the high quality of plastic, it is easy to form scale production, making it easy to make all kinds of specifications, transparent, opaque and all kinds of color bottles. Plastic bottle printing performance is very good, can adopt heat transfer, inkjet, printing and other methods to say the product Ming book, identification, barcode directly printed on the surface of the container; Plastic is well formed and can be made into plastic containers such as bottles, cans and boxes. The appearance of cosmetic capsule is various, have spherical, olive shape, heart and so on, its colour is mixed, have crystal clear and transparent, also have 7 color bead light, appearance is very attractive. These packages give consumers a safer and more convenient way of spending. Defect is smaller than glass transparency plastic containers, plastic manufacturers at present with poly has ene stretch blow molding technology overcomes the drawback of polyolefin blow molding bottles of transparency is not high, its character has pushed the glittering and translucent get rid of glass bottles. Transparent plastic bottles in the packaging market

Transparent plastic bottles (cans) has great superiority in the field of high-end cosmetics packaging, plastic bottles of transparency and finish has certain advantages, is thoroughly pure and elegant is the charm of plastic bottles. For high-grade cosmetics or volatile, easy to lose the fragrance of cosmetics, such as perfume commonly use vacuum plastic bottle. Whitening, nutritional series of cosmetics, but they are extremely oxidized. This puts forward a high demand for the sealing of the package, the plastic bottle is strong, and it is no doubt better than other packaging to protect the contents. Plastic containers have a variety of varieties and good design ideas. As a result of the continuous development of technology and materials, the general design concept can be sent to the table. For high-grade cosmetics, use plastic containers or compound containers. Now, most of the high-end cosmetic packaging has been replaced by plastic bottles, plastic bags or plastic tubes, and the application of glass bottles is less than 8%. In the short term, plastic bottles (cans) are the first choice of high-end cosmetics. Pet biodegradation and recycling

Biodegradation of plastic bottles is undoubtedly the best way to solve the pollution of plastic bottles, but there is no effective biodegradation method in the world. But PET plastic bottles can like metal cans and paper recycling "melted" reuse, and can be like a glass bottle recycling reuse, also has a relatively constant volume, easy classification used PET plastic, its high recycling value, which is feasible for PET recycling. The high consumption of PET plastic bottles is also the main driving force of the increasing recovery. Recycling of old PET beverage bottles can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also reduce the production of raw materials.

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