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PET JAR Growing Rapidly

PET JAR Growing rapidly

PET bottles in the field of plastic packaging, PET bottles by virtue of its production, packaging, recycling the advantages of various fields, almost in various market applications have occupied a great advantage, it can be said, PET plastic bottles is currently the most widely used market , The largest amount of plastic bottles. But also part of the plastic bottle manufacturers of the main products. In recent years, plasticizers and bisphenol A events have created a sense of distrust in the safety of plastic bottles. At the same time, with the development of the market, the demand for high-end appearance packaging is also increasing, glass bottles gradually began to return to the mainstream packaging market. Glass bottles in recent years, rapid growth in market demand. So, there are a lot of people think that plastic bottles, including PET plastic bottles of the mainstream market position will be replaced. However, we believe that PET plastic bottles can be expected in the time, will still be the mainstream market, glass bottles can not be replaced. This is caused by a lot of objective factors.

First of all, PET plastic bottle packaging quality is light, and some only 10 a few grams of weight, which is currently on the market other materials can not be achieved packaging, light weight means that the transport will save a lot of costs and reduce logistics caused by carbon emissions, This advantage will give enterprises and society have to return, and secondly, PET bottles, although the current recovery is not ideal, but PET bottles can be recycled after recycling, can be used as textile raw materials and other multi-purpose, which is far more than glass bottles, The market motive force more foot. PET bottle packaging is the most popular packaging type of plastic bottle market. PET bottle a lot of advantages, which is very important point is the PET bottle recycling rate is high, but also plastic bottles manufacturers the most popular plastic bottles. PET bottle recovery rate is far more than other types of packaging materials. This serious environmental pollution, people pay more and more attention to environmental awareness, the Government to strengthen the promotion of today, can be said to be a great advantage, PET plastic bottle recycling is even in short supply. However, PET bottles, although the high recovery rate, the advantages of more welcomed by the market. But it still exists soft, need to be resolved. One is the PET bottle production of raw materials, oil resources, the depletion of oil, and oil with the reduction of resources, prices continue to improve, so to speed up the replacement of PET raw materials, it is very urgent, otherwise PET bottles will be replaced. The other is the PET bottles in the food, pharmaceutical packaging under the stability of the material, as well as in complex high-temperature environment, how to ensure that does not affect the quality of packaging products, which is an urgent need to address an aspect.

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