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PET JAR Packaging Applications

PET JAR Packaging applications

Life is indispensable [PET plastic bottle]

PET plastic bottles in life and production mainly used for drugs, toiletries, carbonated beverage packaging, can also be used for alcohol, fruit juice, mineral water, edible oil, cosmetics, pesticides and other liquid packaging. PET plastic bottles as a drug packaging containers with a variety of advantages: polyester bottles of light weight, easy molding and solid bottle. PET plastic bottle strength and elasticity was significantly higher than other plastic materials, can withstand a considerable impact without damage, the most suitable as a thin wall, light weight, high strength shampoo bottling. PET plastic bottles in China in the early 80s of last century after the advent of the sharp momentum of the sharp development. A short period of twenty years has become the world's leading liquid and solid packaging containers. In the application of shampoo packaging, the volume of PET material is the same, the weight of PET plastic bottle is only about 1/10 of the glass bottle; the same diameter of the bottle, PET plastic bottle capacity is 1.5 times the glass bottle. PET bottles can be used to make transparent or opaque brown bottle; plastic packaging PET plastic bottles with good gas barrier. In the commonly used plastic materials, PET plastic bottle barrier water vapor, oxygen performance is the best, can fully meet the special storage requirements of pharmaceutical packaging. PET resin recycling rate is higher than other plastics, as a waste combustion treatment, because of its low heat burning flammable, and does not produce harmful gases. Plastic bottles commonly used additives

There are many types of plastic bottles on the market, the performance is different, to meet the specific requirements of the product, but also on the plastic bottle to modify, it is necessary to add the appropriate additives in the resin. Here to PE plastic bottles, for example, which joined the masterbatch is a kind of additives, called coloring agent. There are many types of additives, can be divided into, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants, flame retardants, toughening agents, antioxidants, foaming agents and so on. The purpose of plastic bottle formula design is to select the appropriate additives to improve the processing performance of the resin, intrinsic

Can and reduce costs. There are hundreds of additives available for formulation design, there are hundreds of resin can be blended, in which to choose the appropriate plastic bottle formula, the needle in a haystack is not enough. Must be based on certain principles to the plastic bottle formula design.

Re-use 【plastic bottle】

In daily life, waste plastic bottles often meet, here we learn to learn a simple plastic bottle and then use a small coup. Washing cloth automatic drying rack, plastic bottles in the 1/4 and 1/4 at the cut of the knife, and then the plastic bottle mouth twist off the lid down in the next 1/4, to form an open small cans, Wash our wipes and wipe the table after the wet cloth on the top, the remaining water will flow along the plastic bottle to the bottom, keep the cloth dry. In addition to the small coupons of the life of the plastic bottles described here, you have no other better life ideas.

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