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PET JAR Unique And Individual

PET JAR Unique and individual

PET plastic bottle unique and personalized cosmetic bottle

Now the design of cosmetic bottles more and more refined, focusing on personality, features and functionality. Japanese skin care products skin care steps fine so lazy collapse, so that people are very satisfied with the sense of enjoyment, huh, huh, but also for hard-working and time-rich up to Oh! And like BENEFIT and TOO FACED such creative make-up products, cosmetics bottles of the unique and let you have to admire the ingenuity of developers.

Look at the above picture, and now the local skin care brand does not show weakness, and this Poya Ya cosmetic bottles from the function, subdivided into early water and evening water, texture is different, the composition is different. Cosmetic bottle design is also quite interesting, adhering to the ancient Chinese tai chi graphics, but also learn from now very popular double tube cosmetic bottle design.

Transparent plastic bottles in the packaging market

Transparent plastic bottles (cans) in the field of high-end cosmetics packaging occupies a great advantage, plastic bottle transparency and finish is a certain advantage, thorough and pure, elegant and elegant is the charm of plastic bottles. For high-end cosmetics or volatile, easy to lose the fragrance of cosmetics, such as perfume and other general use of vacuum plastic bottles. Whitening, nutrition series of cosmetics, but they are extremely oxidized. Which on the packaging of the sealing made a very high demand, plastic bottle barrier strong, no doubt in the protection of content than other packaging more competent. Plastic containers of various species, a better design concept, due to the continuous development of technology and materials, the usual design concept can be to the hair. For high-end cosmetics, the use of plastic containers or composite containers. Now most of the high-end cosmetics packaging has been plastic bottles, plastic bags or plastic pipe instead of glass bottles than the application of less than 8% in the short term plastic bottles (cans) is the first choice for high-end cosmetics. Transparent plastic bottle packaging trends

At present in the market there is such a thick-walled transparent plastic bottles, was born in the simulation of thick-walled glass packaging, cosmetics packaging market is now very popular.

Although thick-walled plastic bottle packaging is very popular, but the momentum is more and more fierce, to maintain the momentum of growth. Transparent characteristics of the cosmetic plastic bottle packaging is a major trend, many people in the industry think so.

Has a very good transparency, and wear-resistant plastic resin to cast the type of plastic bottles more and more, PET is a typical representative.

Plastic bottle filling is a simulated glass bottle filling and improved over, many suppliers are introduced PET blow molding out.

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