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Plastic Drum Packaging To Promote The Significance Of Light

Now, in the packaging market, both glass bottles and plastic bottles are in the pursuit of lightweight packaging, less material consumption of less carbon emissions, and less raw material costs, in order to achieve the best social and economic benefits Unite. However, the plastic barrel industry is rarely mentioned to the weight of things. In fact, the weight of plastic barrels compared to plastic bottles and glass bottles are more space for the plastic barrels barrel body is more solid. However, the plastic bucket is often as a chemical raw materials packaging, in the lightweight to be very cautious, or easy to big problem.

We know that the size of plastic barrels from 1 liter to hundreds of liters, plastic drums covered by the scope of the package is also very wide. At present, some plastic bucket on the market in our view really do too heavy, and this is out of tune with the lightweight. In the plastic bucket market, the most critical issue when the sense of light weight is too weak. From plastic bucket manufacturers to plastic bucket buyers. All people seem to have little attention to this industry trend.

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