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Plastic Extrusion Process Information Description

Plastic barrels generally made by molding method, forming different methods, often on the performance and cost to bring a great impact, which we will use the extrusion process for processing production, then the plastic drum on the extrusion process information, For everyone to show:

The use of an extruding process for extruded grades typically has a melt index of less than 1 and a wide to wide MWD. In the course of processing, low MI can get the appropriate melt strength. Plastic drums are more suitable for extrusion because they have higher production rates, lower die pressures and reduced melt fracture trends.

Plastic Tons There are many extruded applications such as wires, cables, hoses, pipes and profiles, and pipe applications range from thick sections of natural gas to yellow tubes to 48in diameter thick pipes for industrial and urban pipelines. Large diameter hollow wall tubes are used as concrete alternatives for rainwater drains and other sewer lines that are growing rapidly.

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