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Plastic Jar Protection

plastic jar Protection

On the production of plastic bottles and the use of environmental issues in the process, the industry has been the focus of attention. "Zero pollution" production and use of plastic bottles manufacturers and consumers are more concerned about and focus on the direction of consideration, but for businesses to achieve zero pollution of the production of plastic bottles, it is clear that the current technical conditions are up to Less than the other is the need for a lot of cost investment, some businesses are on the sidelines and resistance to the attitude. Plastic bottle is a zero pollution in the production process for the water and the surrounding environment of various pollution control, plastic bottle production will not cause damage to the environment, reduce the use of plastic bottles of materials used to achieve low energy consumption. In the plastic bottle to use the material savings, it is clear that this is the current so-called plastic bottle lightweight technology, the current technology is constantly maturing. Second, in addition to the use of PET bottles of plastic bottles and PE plastic bottle recycling effect is ideal, other materials, the plastic recovery rate is very low, is zero The biggest difficulty lies. As a fashion consumer goods, cosmetics need high-quality packaging materials to enhance its worth. The application of new materials has become a cosmetic industry to improve the existing products, the introduction of a new way. And this also means that fashion, eye-catching, energetic, interesting packaging design and the adoption of the new bottle, will become the future cosmetics manufacturers one of the means of winning the terminal. In the field of skin care products, durable, exquisite packaging is endless. Cosmetics market for the appearance of the packaging requirements are getting higher and higher, plastic bottles because of its strong and durable and is widely used, the glass gives a noble appearance, and therefore cosmetics packaging is the main choice of materials. The glass is very suitable for perfume bottles and other packaging, and plastic with a reasonable price and lighter quality to win the cosmetics packaging materials competition. This will become a plastic bottle manufacturers a major advantage.

Protection, functional and decorative "three in one" is the future direction of development of cosmetic bottles. And the same product, green, environmentally friendly packaging materials will be the future of cosmetics packaging materials, the main choice. Continue to develop new materials and new processing technology, the pursuit of new shapes,

Has been the industry's focus on the development of cosmetic packaging containers. Plastic bottles will still be "headed flower"

As many years of packaging "headed flower", plastic bottles will continue in the future of cosmetics packaging materials occupy an important position. Plastic strength, light weight and easy to break has been the advantage of plastic containers, not only that, a wide range of plastic packaging design can be in a very short time

To achieve and implement in the production, these features make the plastic packaging materials in the competition in the invincible. PET bottles, the main application of the range of focus on skin care products, shower gel and cosmetics. For some products, PET bottles are the ideal packaging material. Plastic easy to handle, can be designed into many fashion, transparent classic products. In addition, PET bottle soft touch, the surface can be a variety of decorating treatment, which in the packaging material is the only one. Today, PET plastic applications more and more widely, in the future prospects of cosmetic packaging will be broader.

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