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Plastic Jar Quality And Cheap

Plastic Jar Quality and cheap

Plastic containers

As the quality and cheap plastic, and easy to form the scale of production, easy to make a variety of specifications, transparent, opaque and various colors of the bottle. Plastic bottle printing performance is very good, you can use thermal transfer, inkjet, printing and other methods that product specifications, logo, bar code printed directly on the container surface; plastic forming a good performance, can be made into a variety of structure and shape of the bottle , Cans, boxes and other plastic containers. Cosmetic capsules shape a variety of spherical, olive, heart-shaped, its colorful, both crystal clear, there are colorful pearl, the appearance is very lovable. These packaging to bring consumers safer, more convenient way of consumption. Plastic container has the disadvantage of transparency is smaller than glass, plastic bottle manufacturers are currently used to extend the blow molding technology has been polyolefin blow molding bottle transparency is not high shortcomings, the crystal clear characteristics have been almost equal to the glass bottle. Plastic material is extremely advantageous

Before the cosmetics are generally packaged with glass bottles, but because of the variety of glass containers, even if there is a better design concept, due to technical and material constraints, often can not be achieved. The plastic material in this area has a great advantage, not only rich in sources, and forming a good performance, can be made into a variety of structures and shapes of plastic bottles, plastic cans, boxes and other plastic containers, and can carry out a variety of decorative design. Coupled with the recent years, PET resin used in cosmetics containers developed rapidly, contributed to the plastic bottle instead of a major change in glass bottles. But we should also see that although the proportion of glass bottles in cosmetics packaging containers does not exceed 8%, in the field of packaging will be slowly replaced by plastic bottles, is the preferred material for high-end cosmetics. Pure and pure, noble and elegant, is the charm of plastic bottles, compared with the glass bottle Shen thick; and Frosting plastic bottles unique visual effects, it is far from the glass bottle can not be compared. Many perfume manufacturers favor the use of such containers to pack their products, in addition, for the gas has a high barrier, but also make the glass bottle perfume and other volatile, easy to lose fragrance of the preferred package of products. Plastic bottles are gradually replaced by glass bottles

Now a lot of beer manufacturers began to use plastic bottles to dress beer, that when the product into the control how to control the storage of air inhalation, because the oxygen in the air will lead to premature aging of beer, deterioration. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to PET plastic bottles for external treatment, which can prevent air infiltration and carbon dioxide leakage, external processing is not missing process. The so-called external processing is the use of a variety of high barrier materials and a variety of coating technology, PET plastic bottles inside and outside the surface of the formation of a very thin barrier layer, isolated gas out of and out to achieve the purpose of beer preservation and extended shelf life. The currently developed coating technology is the use of vacuum or plasma technology in the bottle surface deposition of a very thin layer of material such as carbon or silicon material; also by atomic spray method of liquid organic materials sprayed to the outer surface of the bottle. These coatings have good resistance to aging and adhesion, which can significantly enhance the barrier properties of containers, especially for food safety has been widely demonstrated.

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