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Preform Production Can Be Based On Market Co-ordination

The preform is a semi-finished product of blown plastic bottles with relevant uniform standards and specifications. Generally for the preform of the weight and caliber are uniform, manufacturers can be based on the preform of the caliber and weight to purchase. For the preform manufacturers, with a standardized production, unlike the plastic bottle has a different bottle shape and appearance, it can be based on the market expectations and long-term production experience for stocking, so for the preform manufacturers can be carried out in an orderly manner Organize production, which is an advantage. For the preform manufacturers, for the plastic bottle enterprises and food, beverages and other manufacturers market situation to follow the trend, each season for the preform demand is not the same. For example, beverage vices and mineral water preforms are mainly seasoned in spring and summer. Only according to the characteristics of downstream enterprises to arrange production, in order to better overall consideration.

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