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Use PVC Plastic Bucket Should Pay Attention To What

Polyvinyl chloride is a kind of plastic that is often used. Also used as plastic barrels, plastic barrels are often used things, but often people do not pay attention to how to use the safety. Polyvinyl chloride is composed of a variety of ingredients, depending on the use, the composition is different, the use of things to note are different; lead salt of PVC (PVC) plastic barrels and ethanol ether and other solvents will contact lead. Lead-Containing Polyvinyl Chloride for Food Packaging and Fritters Frying Cooking Fish Meat Meat Cakes Dessert Food Meetings will cause lead molecules to spread to grease, so you can not use lead-containing polyvinyl chloride plastic bags Food, in particular, can not be filled with oil-like food, hope that the above content for everyone to help, and the need for plastic barrels of friends, welcome to come to order, welcome cooperation.

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