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What Are The Main Ways To Use Plastic Barrels?

(1) bucket fitted with the product, will be matched with the bucket flat on the bucket mouth.

(2) with a rubber hammer hit the edge of the lid, the joints up to 10cm long, rotated 180 degrees, continue to hit the other edge of the lid, up to a certain length, after the rotation around the percussion, Complete bite seal. (3) open, with a screwdriver will be anti-counterfeit opening pry break, hand tear open security ring.

(4) with the right foot in the center of the lid, his hands clenched anti-counterfeiting ring tear, along the barrel to pull up, until completely open.

(5) or open the lid with a cover.

10L plastic bucket is the main use of these methods, we must follow the instructions for the correct operation, so that its performance is fully demonstrated, if you are in the operation which do not understand, please feel free to consult with us.

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